Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anti hipsters unite

I was sitting on the L train today on the way to Manhattan from a comfortable apartment that my girlfriend and i share in Bushwick. All of a sudden the train doors swing open and the car fills with these people. I was staring at my sneakers kinda spaced out, my head filled with thoughts of my impending workday. My left foot was tapping away to the melodious riffs of Queens of the stoneage. Suddenly i felt the crowd closing in on me as i realized the train had come to another stop and the oxygen in the car was literally being siphoned from my lungs. I picked my head out of its alternative reality and looked around. What happened in two mere train stops was likened to a time warp. I was thrown into a pop video from the seventies or eighties or so it seemed. The characters which now so uncomfortably surrounded me were a mix of shag haircuts and Buddy Holly glasses, thick side burns, beards, thick mustaches like magnum P.I. The woman all wore incredibly ugly shoes. Most of their clothes looked as if they were salvaged from a salvation army bin from way back in the day. I thought i caught a glimpse of Cindy Lauper, my head swung left and there was that singer for The Flock of Seagulls. Some one elbowed me and apologized. I turned and said " No problem" Holy crap, bad Bob dillon look alike. I rubbed my eyes. I shook my head and returned my focus to the tip of my no longer tapping foot.Heavens to murgatroid......This was Bedford and the last stop was Lorimer. The hipsters are taking over and there seems nothing we can do. Or is there?