Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Pants The Pants The Freakin Tight Pants!!!

Well well well....I was just wonderin why these maggots are wearing those tight pants. Trying not to be too judgmental about personal style while just feeling plain ol disgusted by these peoples style. Its that scientific center of my persona that tells me not to question this one style snafu because there is an underlying benefit. Although it is an eyesore, my inner scientist consoles me with data that speaks of smaller genitalia and blood deprived testicles. Which of course means less babies. Yes thats right, less hipster douchbags will produce offspring because of this out of date fashion. Keep it up guys. Keep wearing your girlfriends pants and i will keep producing healthy Anti-Hipster Spermatazoa. And one day this city and possibly this world will be free of the hipster for once and for all.

Love, light and lunacy

The Dante