Saturday, April 18, 2009


  • So there i was relaxing to a sip of sweet Bustello coffee on a bright and sunny saturday afternoon. I leaned back and left clicked, opening my e-mail and BAM! i was suddenly  assaulted by a hipster douchebag right there in my very livingroom. This meathead named Daniel Gdula had left numerous comments on my blog. All of them were equally disturbing and spoke to me volumes of information about this pathetic individuals sad sad life.  Daniel then topped it off by lashing out on me and commenting on a picture of me saying that i looked like a "whigger fagott" Well Danny boy the jig is up. First of all you are obviously homophobic which i am not. Oh Danny boy, whats the matter huh? (Did your uncle touch you one too many times in your no no spot?) You are also a racist, which i am not. (Must be that all the minority kids used to beat little Danny up in the school yard and make him eat dirt sandwiches) He he he. This blog of mine is as i have mentioned is a safe place for me to vent my anger and frustration about the gentrification of my town, my village, Brooklyn NY. And then you come along and leave a trail of nonsensical comments that are fueled by your anger, your pain, your dissappointment of a life gone terribly wrong. The real cherry on the icecream is when you see this cats picture. The first thing that came to mind was" This guy has got to be kidding, is he for real??"..."One of my friends must be pulling my leg" And then i doubled over, rocked by the meanest belly laugh i have had in a long time. Ladies and gentleman i tell you, you must see this picture to believe it. Magnum P.I (Pathetic Idiot) is what i call This.He has some nerve calling me gay, will you look at that moustache (PICTURE BELOW) and don't forget to leave some nice comments for Daniel the douchebag!  And do read all his comments which i will allow to litter my page for your viewing pleasure . This fool left a trail of crumbs leading to his blogger page and his profile. You have to see it to believe it.   Yes, he disses the hipsters and then has the puppy nuts to sport a fedora hat with a thick ass hairy caterpiller above his upper lip!!!  He has some nerve in branding me a fag, just look at this clowns bad Bleach job. Daniel i am sorry to tell you that you are the one who looks are the infintile loser who lashes out at people with rhetoric that he can just as easily claim as commentary about himself. How truly sad. Daniel for your information this is a place for me to" safely" vent my anger for a reason. Yes This is my anger management zone. Why is that? Well if you read my Rap sheet, if you read the profile written about me by the Government then you would dare never ever say that crap to my face. Franky i doubt you have the nutsack to comment in this fashion to anyones face. That is because Daniel Gdula, you are a coward with no heart whatsoever. You are nothing but a worm. Go back to that little hole in the ground that you and all your hipster buddies  slithered out of and give me a buzz when your balls drop! Arghhh.....Danieal Gdula...Another hipster douchbag...When will the madness end? 
Here he is folks...Daniel Gdula A.K.A Magnum P.I (Pathetic Idiot) Some nerve to comment huh?  Here is the link to his pathetic page so that  you can see that i am not joking. This crap is so typically Hipster, i could never make up something this bad. It's just too devoid of creativity: (CLICK HERE)