Friday, August 15, 2008


Check out these hipster douche-bags i caught with my hipster cam on the Bedford Ave platform and on the L train going into Brooklyn.

The guy in the silver was like some sort of human mannequin. He never moved even when the trains came and left. I think he wanted everyone to notice his striking ensemble of silver alien douchebag Jacket and Tight Polyester blend Lee jeans. Oh and lets not forget the matching silver Chuck Taylor's. No hipster is complete without a pair. But i think this guy looks like a native Brooklynite from the neighborhood just trying hard to fit in with his mid-western counterparts. I say this because he didn't look like he came from the mid-west there was something really N.Y.C hipster about him. And also his jeans really looked a little too loose. All the hipster transplants kind of shunned him. Guess they sensed danger. Intruder alert....intruder alert.

This next douchebag fashion victim was wearing the tightest jeans ever made but they still looked loose. Notice how his legs look like they must be brittle twigs underneath those used salvation army women's jeans. And those ugly boots. Arrrgh, whats with the pointy Duran Duran footwear? I guess its a good match for that 80's throw scarf he's got around his skinny hip neck. This meat head was so drunk all he did was mumble incoherently to people all around him and as he stumbled towards the door i was given the honor of watching on as he donated a spectacular piece of hipster artwork right there on the platform. A pile of multi-colored vomit. And they say these hipster transplants don't contribute a damn thing to our fine city huh?.... I beg to differ!


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog - you couldn't be more right in your critique of the hipster.. I am actually from Burlington Vermont, not from New York City, but I can imagine how frustrating it is to have your neighborhood infiltrated by these vermin. They are all over Burlington, in every bar, in every coffee shop, etc. One part of me wants to be non-judgemental and give them a chance, but the sheer fakeness and annoying nature of the clique makes me cringe every time i see one. For your sake, I hope someday Brooklyn will be rid of this plague.

Heather said...

The guy in silver looks like he's about to bust out in some Michael Jackson moves. He. Is. Thriller.

Federico said...

yoooo...keep repping... the pics are a fuckin trip!!! - rico

Anonymous said...

lol i agree but damn u could have at least blurred the faces out! jk i really dont care